About Us

LashyDoodle next generation high tech lashes are luxurious fun. The first thing you’ll notice are the fabulous designs, but the best thing about them is how easy they are to put on and take off.

These lashes are so easy to apply that you just use our special hypoallergenic eyeliner (so much gentler than glue!) and then place the lashes on the liner to attach them, without fear of messing up your eyeshadow and having to start over, because LashyDoodle lashes are magically easy and painless to apply, remove, and reposition. You can even try on a few different styles to decide what looks best with your outfit. LashyDoodle eyelashes are so easy to change that you can just gently remove a pair, without damage to your makeup, skin, or natural lashes, and reapply a different pair. It is that simple and painless to go from day to night or switch up looks on a photo shoot or TV show or dress up your makeup without commitment for a quick Instagram selfie. LashyDoodle eyelashes are for everyone. You don’t have to be a makeup expert to put them on and they look glamorous on all genders. All you need is to enjoy convenience, adventure, and looking great.

Our Story

I love big dramatic eyelashes. I’ve bought them everywhere; from Nordstrom to Sephora to the Broadacres swap meet to every lash advert ever shown to me on Instagram. I tried so many different kinds of lashes, but nothing was quite what I wanted. Everything damaged my skin, pulled out my natural lashes, was hard to put on, was painful to wear, was challenging to remove, and/or too subtle to be worth the hassle. I grew to fear that moment, when getting ready to go out, when my makeup came out just how I’d hoped and I agonized in front of the mirror over whether I wanted to risk having to start over after I got glue all over everything, rather than successfully applying lashes. Plus, as I started to really research lash options, I found that so many falsies and extensions are made out of ugly acrylic type plastic, human hair (ew, and also looks weird), or mink (super not cool! LashyDoodle is cruelty-free.)

In addition to personally enjoying fabulous lashes, my partner Forrest Black and I are award-winning photographers who have immortalized more than three thousand cool, interesting, counterculture people. This means we’ve had a lot of visibility to what looks great on someone rocking a look which is gothic, glam, punk, rave, cosplay, drag, or just completely uniquely your own. It also means that we know how frustrating it can be on a photo shoot, where the idea is to get multiple looks, but, once those really signature-looking lashes are on, there is just no easy way to swap in a different style. Well, there was no easy way until now with LashyDoodle. Finally, Forrest Black pointed out to me that he could probably just design whatever I wanted, if I could spec out my dream lashes. (He is already an award-winning designer for his print and web work and he invented the first affiliate-coded RSS feed, so I knew he was not just talking.) Seventy-three handmade prototypes later, we realized we had something amazing, something that other people needed too and would love the convenience and style as much as I do. From there, we started having friends come over and try on all the prototypes and be photographed in their favorites.

–Amelia G

The Science Stuff

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Iron Oxide
We use iron oxide in LashyDoodle eyeliners to give the magnets on the lashes something metallic to gently adhere to. Iron oxide is used in many cosmetics. The FDA considers iron oxide so safe that it is exempt from 721c certification and explicitly approved for eye area cosmetics.

Each LashyDoodle pair of lashes comes standard with 10 micro magnets for eyelids and 8 micro magnets suggested for lower lash line if desired. Magnets are considered so safe to have near the human eye that trials are currently being successfully conducted at Harvard Medical School to utilize magnets in eye prosthetics to assist blinking in patients with paralytic ptosis, a drooping lid condition previous treated mostly with surgery. Magnets are awesome!

One of the challenges for having exceptional big dramatic lashes stay on with just metallic eyeliner and no painful sandwich magnets is weight. LashyDoodle solved this by choosing polybutylene terephthalate as our preferred eyelash material. PBT is a high performance space age polymer with a high molecular weight, which means it takes color and shape well, resulting in lighter weight lashes, even with the most fabulous designs. PBT is being safely used in lashes already, particularly the most high end luxury ones coming out of Korea, but nothing like this. PBT is so safe that it is a choice material for many food processing components and dental tools. One of the reasons for this is PBT’s low moisture absorption quality, which makes LashyDoodle lashes so good on hot nights or at, for example, foam parties.

Thank yous

The prep for this project was an enormous undertaking and so many people helped make it possible and I want to especially thank the following people for their wonderful help: Kevin Flint at Dystopian Studios, Curtis Walker and Sebastian Keys at Photo Bang Bang, Wolfie at Wolfie Lighting, Sal and Alex and Jasmine and Ryan at the East Las Vegas Library, Malice McMunn, Dani Divine, Misti Taylor, Candy Ken, April Flores, Damon Knight, Lydia Black, ItsTheFa, Lum xx, Stephanie Berrios, Penny Poison, Daizy Cooper, Jeffrey Damnit, Jeanelle Mastema, Marilyn Jane, Alice Kat, Lubiov, Dzimitry, Twiggy, and all our supportive backers on Kickstarter. At the same time you all helped make this project excellent, you also made this journey more fun. Thank you so so much.