Instruction Guide

LashyDoodle InstructionsReading these application tips will take longer than putting LashyDoodle lashes on!
These bold and glamourous designs are vegan, cruelty-free, high tech, magically easy to apply, and painlessly simple to remove, or even swap at any time, without ruining your makeup. We are excited to share any photos you may take with these lashes, so please be sure to tag us on social media @LashyDoodle

  • Apply a line of LashyDoodle liner above the natural eyelash line.
  • Hold LashyDoodle lash at the edge.
  • Connect the magnetic band from inside to outside (like a zipper)
  • Or, outside to inside if you are using the opposite hand (cross face)

LashyDoodle Instructions Guide


Decide which pair you want to try first, but you can always swap a different pair in, without having to worry about ruining your makeup. If there is any little bit of the lash which sticks out past the magnet, trim that off, as well as making any adjustments to shape that you might like. If the lash would look better on your personal eye shape at a smaller size, trim to the next magnet and you are good to go! Be sure to trim up to the magnet because the magnets need to be on both ends of the lashes to keep them smooth above your eyes.


To apply the lashes, you’ll put on the metallic eyeliner first to give the magnets on the lashes something to gently adhere to. The LashyDoodle Magic gel eyeliner is a hypoallergenic black crème and is applied with a makeup brush. Some people prefer a really fine brush and some prefer an angle brush, so our custom brushes include both to enable you to use whichever you are most comfortable with.

Brush the eyeliner on so that it is in every place you want the lashes to stick to. Any place without eyeliner is a spot the lashes will not attach to. Using small brush strokes makes it easier to get the eyeliner exactly where you want it and get the perfect line. You can use a dabbing motion to fill in any little dots you missed. Avoid getting eyeliner in your lashes; it won’t hurt your lashes and it is not hard to remove, but the magnets may be attracted to the wrong spot. You can use a cotton swab with makeup remover to fix any tiny errors. If you are only wearing lashes on your eyelids and not underneath your eyes, then use your regular eyeliner for undereye and only use LashyDoodle liner on your eyelids lashline. Apply enough of the liner that it looks fairly solid and not transparent and you are ready to apply your lashes!


Because LashyDoodle lashes can be easily repositioned, you are free to experiment and find what works best for you. You can quickly place the lashes along the liner almost any way because you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck. We recommend starting by placing the edge of the lash on either the inner or outer corner of your lid, close to your lashline, and then rolling the rest of the lash into place towards the other side of your eye. You can gently tap and press it into place and pull up and re-attach, until you get your lashes looking exactly the way you love most! Once you love the look, gently pressing all along your lashline helps the lashes be ready to stay on all night.
If you want to look extra fancy, you can apply LashyDoodle eyeliner and lashes underneath your eyes as well. (Don’t use this liner on your waterline; it is likely to get sticky.) The lashes apply the exact same way underneath your eyes as they do on your eyelids, except we recommend removing one magnet length of eyelash. If you use the top lash at the standard five magnet size, then cut down to the fourth magnet for the bottom lash. If you trimmed the top lash down, then you probably will want to go one more magnet down underneath. Play with it and see what looks you love most.


When you want to take your lashes off, you just gently peel them off. Some people like to gently press the middle of each eyelid with one finger to help prevent any pulling on skin, but this is so much more gentle than glue that most don’t bother holding their eyelids. Any waterproof eye makeup remover you’d normally use will work to remove the eyeliner.