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I Want It All!


If you’ve got your eye on big glamour and don’t ever want to choose just one of anything, this mega kit includes all twelve of the lash designs in the current LashyDoodle collection!

Base #1 lashy style
Base #3 lash style
Big 1 lashy style
Curl #2 lashy style
Geometric 1 lashy style
Indigo #1 lashy style
Multi #2 lashy style
Purple #1 lash style
Thick #1 lash style
Wisp #2 lashy style
Geometric #1 lashy style
Wisp #3 lashy style
2 Magic gel liners
Magic liquid liner prototype
2 Custom LashyDoodle Eyeliner Brushes
Rainbow Scissors
Mermaid Eyelash Curler
Rainbow Lash Applicator

Sold out!



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