Multi #2


This is a mid-size dramatic colorful lash. The colors are an oddly natural-looking mix of auburns and indigos. These multicolored lashes read colorful in both bright light and low light while giving a much softer look than black styles. Perfect for drag, glam, rave, cosplay, and similar looks, but can be paired with more conservative outfits for a lovely look for a nice dinner out. These gorgeous, handmade, high tech, LashyDoodle lashes complete your look in a snap with no glue, allergens or time-wasting appointments. These are a huge time and money saver. You’ve never had your lashes go on so fast before and you can wear these over and over again. It is super easy to take these off and swap in a different pair of LashyDoodle magnetic lashes for photoshoots and Instagram and burlesque performances where you want to do a different look with a different set. Works with hypoallergenic black cream eyeliner with magic metallic beauty potion to attach lashes. Please tag us on Instagram at @lashydoodle so we can see how amazing you look in these.

Reusable, vegan, cruelty-free, painless, hypoallergenic.

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